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    As board certified experts in veterinary dentistry, we provide the highest level of dental care and oral surgery to pets of all kinds. We also welcome all oral surgery oral cancer referrals.

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    We offer three Phoenix area veterinary dentistry locations, each equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle all types of pet dental procedures, oral surgery and anesthesia.

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    Schedule your pet's annual professional dental cleaning with our board certified veterinary dentists.

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Welcome to Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists

We hope you'll find our site a comprehensive resource for your pet's dental health and discover the level of experience and expertise our board certified veterinary dentistry practice provides to our many pet patients. When it comes to your dog or cat's dental needs including cleanings, extractions, oral surgery, oral cancers and other pet dental conditions, you can count on us for the highest level of care and expertise.

  • Why Choose a Vet Dentist?
  • Safe Pet Anesthesia
  • Why Not Anesthesia Free?

When it comes to your pet's dental care including annual cleanings, extractions, oral surgery, oral cancers and all other pet dental conditions or injuries, a veterinary dentist provides the best possible care for your pet. Watch the video to hear Dr. Visser discuss more about the importance of choosing a veterinary dentist.

At Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, we are all pet owners, and very much understand it can feel uncomfortable to put your dog or cat under anesthesia, especially if they are older. Watch as Dr. Visser explains our anesthesia expertise, protocols and the great care we take with each animal under our care.

Reasons NOT to use anesthesia free pet dental cleanings for your dogs or cats:

  1. A thorough exam and cleaning can’t be done on a dog or cat that is awake. Anesthesia allows us to properly care for your pet’s teeth safely, adequately and without pain.
  2. Most oral disease happens below your pet’s gum line and dental x-rays are the only way to identify painful problems such as fractured teeth, periodontal disease or other problems. Dental x-rays can’t be performed on an awake pet.
  3. Cleaning and scaling below the gum line is important because it’s where periodontal disease is most active. This can’t be done without anesthesia.
  4. Anesthesia free dental cleanings require a pet to be restrained while having their teeth scraped, which is both stressful and likely painful for them..
  5. There are significantly increasing numbers of pets who, after a number of years of anesthesia free dental cleanings, have developed severe periodontal disease resulting in multiple extractions or need for extensive treatment.

For more information and to learn the facts about anesthesia free pet dental cleaning offers we encourage you to visit www.avdc.org/AFD, a site specifically for pet owners and their questions about their pet's dental health. 

At Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists we are strongly against anesthesia free dental cleanings and are commited to educating the public about the risks to their pets. A proper pet dental cleaning should always be performed by a veterinarian and involve safe anesthesia and dental radiographs. Learn about professional pet dental cleanings available at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists.

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    Your pet's annual veterinary dental cleaning is an important part of keeping them healthy. Read More
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  • We trust them 100% with her care!

    "Drs. Visser and Coffman have been caring for our furkid Dublin for several years. We trust them 100% with her care. We appreciate it that they always provide their cell phone numbers after surgery in case an emergency should arise, and we always appreciate their follow-up calls to check on her. Donna and Barbara, the front office, treat Dublin and our family like gold. They have helped Dublin tremendously with her very precarious little mouth and gums. We recommend them with confidence."

    S. Bresnahan

    small dog
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