Have you scheduled your pets annual dental cleaning?

Pet Dental Cleanings

A comprehensive veterinary dental cleaning is important to your pet's overall health and wellness

"Soon my smile will be as big as Dr.Visser's...oh boy, I can't wait!"

At Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, your pet's cleaning includes:

  • Complete oral exam and consultation from one of our Board Certified Veterinary Dental Specialists
  • All Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork – We test all organ function prior to anesthesia to identify any abnormalities or risks.
  • IV Fluids, General Anesthesia & Electronic Monitoring - We are highly experienced in pet anesthesia. Your dog's anesthesia will be individualized to their specific needs and will be closely monitored throughout the entire process.
  • Digital Dental X-rays – Dental radiographs allow us to get a full picture of your pet's mouth and identify periodontal disease, fractured teeth or oral cancer that is not visible without x-rays.
  • Thorough, professional teeth cleaning (prophy) & polishing.
  • Copies of dental X-rays, EKG, dental and anesthetic charts.
  • Peace of mind knowing your pet is receiving a comprehensive dental cleaning that can prevent future dental disease and save costs down the road.

Most pet patients seen in veterinary practice today actually need an annual thorough dental exam and cleaning which includes supragingival and subgingival cleaning, intraoral evaluation, polishing, and further periodontal therapy. A comprehensive pet dental cleaning at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists, involves removal of plaque and calculus either with hand instruments, or sonic/ultrasonic instruments above and below the gingival margin, periodontal probing, intra-oral radiographs, charting, and more involved treatment such as deep periodontal therapy or extractions if indicated.

After the initial oral examination is performed, an initial treatment plan is determined. The doctor will discuss different treatment options and the client will be able to decide on a dental treatment plan that best suits their dog or cat. Next, the patient is anesthetized and the initial oral examination is performed before beginning periodontal therapy. After your pet recovers from anesthesia, you will be instructed on how to care for your pet at home.