Oronasal Fistula Repair

Oronasal Fistula in Dog - Arizona Veterinary Dental SpecialistsCommon causes of fistula formation include periodontal disease, an overly aggressive extraction of a pet's tooth or incomplete healing after tooth extraction. Fistulas can also be caused buy malocclusion of the lower canine teeth resulting in the teeth penetrating into the animal's nasal cavity.

If your pet has an oronasal fistula, it is not only painful, but presents a risk of infection because food or the pet's saliva can enter the nasal cavity and cause inflammation and infection in the respiratory tract. Sneezing after eating or drinking is a common symptom pets will show if they have this condition.

If you see this condition in your dog or cat, it's important to bring them for an evaluation and treatment by a veterinary dentist. For most oronasal fistula repairs, our veterinary dentists are able to use a single mucogingival flap (an area of tissue inside the mouth) method, for more chronic or severe cases we may utilize a double flap technique.

Post-operative care after your pet has had an oronasal fistula repair includes antibiotics and analgesics. Soft food should be fed and chew toys withheld for 14 days.

Oronasal Fistula Treatment - Arizona Vet Dentists



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