Pet Jaw Fractures

Dog jaw fracture radiographJaw fractures are typically seen in pets, often dogs, who have been hit by a car or have gotten into fights with other animals. Occasionally, they are seen in cases of severe periodontal disease. Our goal for repairing jaw fractures is to use non-invasive techniques, ideally resulting in return to normal function. Many of our pet patients are able to eat normally the same evening after the procedure.

There are many different repair techniques; the choice of technique depends on the location and severity of the fracture/s. Typically, wires and composite splints are bonded to the teeth to immobilize the fracture site. These wires and splints will need to be surgically removed after the fracture has healed.

The healing times vary greatly, but typically young puppies and dogs need anywhere from 2-6 weeks for healing. Older dogs require 6-8 weeks before the splints and wires can be removed.

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